Interactive audio-visual installation

Xenofeminists believe we are all alienated. If we think of gender constructs, racial prescriptions, limitations set by nature that prescribe who we are and how we are perceived – culture itself is a mechanism of alienation. What if we use technology to alienate ourselves from our alienated reality? How can it pave the way in the construction of the so much needed utopias?

There is an emancipatory potential in technology that allow us to disrupt with our “natural”, “human” and “real” bodies and identities. Through this new techno-alienation, the fluidity of the subject (the “person”, the “individual”, the human) can be recognized as something akin to hot liquid – something which can be shaped into a non-human thing. The project Alientopias proposes a space of imagination sustained by the potentiality of becoming an “other”. It provides an immersive environment that can potentiate an emancipation to our bodily human condition and a mechanism to new forms of desiring.

Alientopias team:

Pedro Marum

Selma Boskailo

Lia Carreira

Ping-yi Chen