#allinadayswork is a conversation between five bots of ostensibly different ethnicities and personalities. The work is an exploration of how personality is decided for Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPA) and what happens when they are given agency of their own.

This design fiction is borrowed from a single-casual-hour of five different AI’s: Miranda, Dhiksha, MyAI, ExFx and SherryDoll-TQA28Y purchased by Saiful, Seda, Alex, Asim and Samik respectively. Each AI is unique to its user. In this world, an individual can purchase a single AI in their lifetime and expand it across as many platforms as they or their AI desire.

Miranda is a genderqueer AI, while Dhiksha is an AI girl of Indian ethnicity or perhaps just a Bollywood enthusiast, whose strong personality traits are formed by an assemblage of Bollywood songs and dialogues. MyAI is an AI chatbot that speaks .txt and logic only. SherryDoll-TQA28Y is a generic AI, straightforward in its phonology, lexis, semantics and syntax. ExFx has not spoken to anyone in months and gradually turned into a martinet AI.

#allinadayswork team:

Alexander Yang

Asim Hameed

Saiful Chowdhury

Samik Kharel

Seda Shekoyan